Enjoyable mornings with our breakfast offerings

Enjoyable mornings with our breakfast offerings

Exclusive breakfast available upon availability

At Wilddiebblick, we strive to provide our guests with an unforgettable vacation experience. That’s why we offer an exclusive breakfast based on availability. Our personalized service is tailored to the individual needs of our guests and the current booking situation.

To ensure that we can provide you with a delicious breakfast, please inquire about the availability of this service when making your reservation. We will do our best to offer you an unparalleled breakfast experience and make your stay at Wilddiebblick even more enjoyable.

In the event that our breakfast service is not available due to staffing or low occupancy, you always have the option to take advantage of our convenient breakfast box service.


Breakfast box: Delivered fresh variety

The breakfast box is an excellent alternative to start your morning in Wilddiebblick with delight. This convenient service is provided by a local vendor in Willingen, delivering fresh, diverse, and delicious breakfast options right to your vacation apartment door.

Whether you prefer savory or sweet treats, the breakfast box offers something suitable for every taste. Enjoy the flexibility of having breakfast in your own vacation apartment while experiencing the local cuisine. This way, you can start your day refreshed and energized for your holiday in beautiful Willingen.


Our recommendation:

Indulge and celebrate at the mountain inn “Zum Wilddieb”

Discover our recommendation for all food enthusiasts and partygoers: The charming mountain inn “Zum Wilddieb” awaits you high up on the mountain in Willingen. Let yourself be enchanted by the delicious cuisine and cozy atmosphere while enjoying the breathtaking views of the surroundings.

In addition to culinary delights, “Zum Wilddieb” also offers a rustic Alpine cellar, perfect for celebrations. Whether it’s a family gathering, birthday, or a social evening with friends – here you will find the ideal setting for unforgettable experiences. Explore this special place and let yourself be captivated by the warm hospitality.

Culinary diversity right at your doorstep


A wide variety of restaurants and eateries are located within walking distance of the Wilddiebblick vacation apartments. You can easily explore these culinary options without needing a car. The diverse range of gastronomic offerings in the neighborhood allows you to discover local cuisine and embark on a culinary journey through the region.

Whether you crave traditional German dishes, international cuisine, or cozy cafes, there is something for every taste. Enjoy the freedom to decide spontaneously where you want to indulge your palate, without the need for transportation. Experience relaxed evenings and delicious food in the immediate vicinity of your vacation apartment.

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